Goodbye, Joy Hart

Thomas Blaine had died from a blow to the base of his skull with a blunt object of some sort. He had also been shot twice at close range in the chest after he was dead. Someone really wanted him dead or was out of control or really angry, or maybe it was a second murderer. And then there was the part about washing up on a nice Central California beach.
Investigator Duce Duchene again considered all he had read. Was Thomas Blaine just a nice guy who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time? In Duce’s mind, it was a question as to how the body had entered the water. Did he fall, or was he dumped from a boat? Was he just dropped off a cliff? Probably, the boat was a more logical answer. Someone in law enforcement was probably looking at tides and coastal water movement and drift patterns. Hell, maybe the guy had been dumped in a river and floated out to sea. How many rivers big enough to float a body emptied into the Pacific between Central Oregon and Central California? Why was Advanced Investigations even involved in the case?